October is See To Learn Month!!

Schedule a FREE vision assessment for your 3-year-old.

October is See To Learn Month. Although See To Learn is available to all Nebraska 3-year-olds throughout the year, we use the month of October to pay special attention to the program. Governor Heinemann will sign a proclamation declaring October See To Learn Month on October 16.

One in five children entering Kindergarten has an undetected vision problem. Good vision is critical to learning—more than 80 percent of learning is done visually. Yet, young children often don’t realize they cannot see. And typical pediatric screenings don’t detect many problems.

To catch vision disorders before the first year of school, Nebraska’s participating SEE TO LEARN® optometrists provide FREE vision assessments for any 3-year-old, regardless of economic status.

The Nebraska Foundation for Children’s vision encourages you to find out more about SEE TO LEARN®. Visit http://www.seetolearn.com or http://www.nechildrensvision.org.October is SEE TO LEARN® Month in Nebraska.

Call 1-800-960-EYES to find a participating SEE TO LEARN® optometrist in your area, and schedule a free assessment today.


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