No Cost Parent Leadership Training Coming to North Platte!

Are you a family with an infant or child that is receiving EDN services or a family that had a child receive EDN services in the past (children 0-11)?!

This No Cost training is designed to help strengthen your involvement in planning for your child’s services as well as state and local services for all children that may receive EDN services!

The training in North Platte will be on Saturday, March 16th at ESU 16, 1221 17th Street.

Please register for this very valuable training and become an active part of your local Planning Region team!

 For questions, or to register prior to February 20th contact:

Sarah Swanson at 402-559-4573 or Mark Smith at 402-559-5744

1-800-656-3937 ext. 9-4573 1-800-656-3937 ext. 9-5744


Presenters Include:

Mary Jo Iwan: former EDN program co-lead director for Nebraska DHHS.

Mark Smith: Community/Family Outreach Coordinator at the Munroe- Meyer Institute & Family Co-Lead for EDN.

Connie Shockley: PTI Nebraska Early Intervention Specialist & Family Co-Lead for EDN.

Mary Angus: Speaker and Advocate

Please print and share the flyer with others that may be interested.

EDN branded flyer II.pdf 519K   View   Download



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