Relatable Blogs and Pinterest


Having a child with a disability can be very challenging at times and sometimes you may feel that you and your family are the only ones who understand. During these difficult times it helps to connect with other parents through a support group or perhaps through other avenues such research or blogging.

One specific blog that we would like to highlight is Love That Max. Ellen, Max’s mother, lets you into her family’s life and talks about how they cope with things on a day to day basis. Recently, she has chosen to spotlight several bloggers who are parents of children with special needs. There is a series of questions they respond to regarding how they keep track of appointments, what websites they find most helpful, how they cope emotionally, etc. These posts are very relatable to any parent and may start the process of connecting you to other parents.

Also, while reading the parent guest blogs, please be sure to check out the one by Debbie. Debbie briefly highlights Pinterest, a site that is simply a bulletin board of ideas to do with your children including speech activities, sensory, etc. be sure to check it out

Thank you for all the love, care, and hard work you do to support your child. Please do not forget about taking out time for you, you deserve it.


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